Building the Foundation for Generations
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Building the Foundation for Generations

Cornerstone Christian Academy's
Building the Foundation for Generations
campaign has a three-fold purpose.

Equipping Teachers to Impact Students
Teachers need the tools necessary to teach effectively and creatively. We want them to have the materials they need to maintain an engaging classroom environment and communicate efficiently with their students' parents. It is important that our faculty receives the training needed to integrate biblical principles faithfully and help students understand the foundational truths of scripture in each subject area.

Your gift builds the foundation for Cornerstone to . . .
Attend Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) training
Purchase state-of-the-art RenWeb School System Software
Obtain laptops and printers for teachers
Grant access to academic guides, texts, and resources

Equipping Students to Impact the World
A good education lasts a lifetime. At Cornerstone, we want to give our students the skills and knowledge that they will need to fulfill God's calling on their lives.

Your gift builds the foundation for Cornerstone to. . .
Retain master teachers who are also spiritual mentors
Maximize classroom experiences with hands-on teaching aids
Provide the opportunity to present knowledge using technology
Bring lessons to life with fieldtrips and outdoor excursions
Explore the creative arts through music, art and language studies

Equipping Cornerstone to have a Lasting Impact
We want to be a school of influence for many generations. Our five year plan includes purchasing land and building a facility and sports complex that maximizes our ability to train students in all aspects of life. Through a generous scholarship program, we also want to make Cornerstone accessible to any family that truly desires a Christ-centered education for their child.

Your gift builds the foundation for Cornerstone to . . .
Connect with partners that desire to influence generations for Christ
Set clear attainable goals through wise strategic planning
Create a scholarship fund to make CCA accessible to more families

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